Do You Use BODMAS, PEMDAS or BEDMAS? Tricky Math Problem Goes Viral and Has Divided Twitter With Answers 16 and 1
BODMAS trending on Twitter (Photo Credits: Twitter)

As if the math problems from your school textbooks weren't enough that now Twitter too is filled with arithmetic sums for people to solve. However, some of these aren't as boring as they were in school. The sum is quite simple: what's the answer to 8÷2(2x2)? Twitter is divided with the answer, while some say it is 16 while some say 1. The sum is now going viral on Twitter after people are coming up with either 16 or 1 based on the rules they used for solving the sum like PEMDAS, BEDMAS or BODMAS. While most people are using BODMAS some are also defending the PEMDAS rule. Well, whatever may be the correct answer Twitter is flooded with different versions of this sum leaving #BODMAS trending with over 6k tweets. The Twitter math sum goes viral with people going crazy looking for the right answer.

Take a look at tweets:


LOL no

Durex jumped into the bandwagon



Hate maths

Like really

Explanation is all I want


Sunny Leone version

People are also making fun of the fact that how scientific calculators and simple ones will always fetch different answers. While #BODMAS becomes a big trend on Twitter, can someone tell us what the right answer is?