A UK woman who was engaged to a ghost called it off after he kept disappearing for long time! Yes, you read that right. A woman named Amethyst Realm who is a spiritual counsellor made it to the headlines back in 2018 when she spoke of her sexual encounters with spirits. At that time she had revealed falling in love with a ghost and wanting to take things  ahead with him. But unfortunately, two years down the line, the relationship has fizzled out and she has called off the wedding. According to Amethyst, her ghost boyfriend Ray had changed and kept on disappearing for long time. She revealed it all on the recent episode of UK TV show This Morning.

Amethyst Realm was open about her relationships with spirits from years. But in 2018 on a trip to Australia she met a ghost named Ray and was so attracted to him, she wanted to have his baby. Ray was apparently the first ghost she was romantically involved with. On coming back to the UK, he proposed to her and the pair was supposed to marry soon. But now, Ray changed and she believes got into a bad company. Things were well until they went on a holiday in May this year. In her interview she says, "I think maybe he fell in with a bad crowd when were on holiday. He just started becoming really inconsiderate. He disappeared for long periods of time." Woman Who 'Married' Ghost of a 300-Year-Old Pirate Says He Tried to Kill Her for Breaking Up (Watch Wedding Video).

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She also added that when Ray did come back, he would get his friends along and they'd stay in the home for days! She said that the gang was into partying and doing drugs. The spirits he would bring home would also make some weird noises. When she could not take these changes in him, they both decided to call the wedding off for good! This reminds us of similar incident of a New Jersey man who claimed that his ghost girlfriend was cheating on him during the lockdown. He was worried that his spirit girlfriend was seeing other men as she used to go out of the house for a long time.

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