Every year, people from all around the world get together to celebrate International Yoga Day. This year, we commemorate International Yoga Day 2024 on Friday, June 21, 2024. The day is dedicated to honouring the ancient practice of yoga. Yoga is considered a timeless practice that does not just have health benefits; it also celebrates harmony and unity. On this day, people gather in parks, halls or at the homes of relatives and friends to practice yoga together. Prime Minister Narendra Modi considers yoga to be an integral part of his life and has long advocated for it. The Prime Minister frequently publishes videos and reels of yoga on numerous social media platforms. International Day of Yoga 2024 Theme Is 'Yoga for Self and Society': A Look at Themes of Previous Years' Yoga Day Celebrations.

Prime Minister reiterates his commitment to incorporating yoga into his life, and he is encouraging people to incorporate it into their daily lives as well. Ahead of the upcoming Yoga Day, PM Narendra Modi has generated a lot of excitement around it. In honour of International Day of Yoga 2024, PM Narendra Modi recently took to social media and posted an AI-generated video of himself performing the vrikshasana, also known as the tree posture. In the video, he demonstrates the pose and discusses the benefits of the asana. The video, since being uploaded, has garnered millions of views.

How To Do Vrikshasana or Tree Pose?

In Sanskrit, the word ‘vriksha’ refers to a tree. To begin the vrikshasana pose, first stand straight on your left leg. Then, bend your right leg. Once you bend your right leg, take your right foot and place it onto your left thigh. This pose should resemble that of a tree. This pose is called the ‘vriskshasana.’ This pose is known to have many health benefits. Not only does the vrikshasana leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, but it also helps you stretch your back, legs, and arms, leaving you feeling invigorated. Additionally, the pose brings balance and calms your mind. It also helps improve attention and concentration. Not just that, it strengthens your legs, enhances your balance, releases any stress in your hips, and helps people who suffer from sciatica. Yoga in Water Video: Yoga Practitioners From Tamil Nadu's Rameswaram Perform Water Yoga to Mark International Yoga Day.

Watch Animated Video of PM Narendra Modi Doing Vrikshasana:

This International Yoga Day 2024, let’s vow to incorporate the practice of yoga into our lives to make them better, happier, peaceful and balanced. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy International Day of Yoga 2024!

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