Leap Year 2020 Funny Memes: Enjoy These Jokes Because We've Got An Extra Day to Burst into Laughter
Leap year memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The year 2020 is a leap year, and it means you have got an extra day to waste this year! If that's what you have been doing anyway. But it is an exciting time for those born on February 29 as they will get to celebrate their birthday on the date they're actually born on. February 29 is soon approaching and so are the funny memes on it. Funny jokes are trending on the leap year 2020, and we have got some for you which you can share with your friends especially if they are born on February 29. For those who are already done with 2020, may not feel a difference with an added day to the year. But if there's one thing that we can probably never be done with are the funny memes and jokes. So below are some funny memes and jokes on the leap year 2020.

If you are among the unaware of what is a leap year, it means the year will have 366 days. The shortest month of the year February will have 29 days this year instead of 28. Meanwhile, people are also feeling the month of February went too fast. Several people have taken to Twitter to express that the month rushed on compared to the first month January which seemed dragged on for years.

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on Leap Year:

Express With Emojis


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What's Your Age?



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Can't Make the Joke This Year

Crack This On Your Friend


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These are some of the funny memes and jokes that are trending online and as February 29 nears we might see more of these jokes. Till then share these funny ones with your friends and those who have their birthday on February 29, we hope you enjoy these age jokes.