Naming Child 'Adolf' Lands British Couple to Combined 10-Year Jail Term for Belonging to Neo-Nazi Group
UK couple names baby Adolf gets jail sentence (Photo credits: Twitter)

German leader Hitler has quite a notorious impression and even referring to his name can cost someone a living. Well, a couple from the UK who named their baby Adolf, after the leader is sentenced to a combined jail term of more than 10 years after being convicted of being part of a Neo-Nazi group. Adam Thomas and Claudia Patatas are sentenced to a jail term of six-and-a-half years and five years respectively as they were found guilty of belonging to a group that was banned in the country in 2016. Parents of Baby Named Adolf 'Hitler' Arrested For Promoting Neo-Nazi Terror Group in Britain.

The Birmingham Crown Court found the couple guilty of belonging to a group called National Action, an extremist right-wing group. It was said that the couple had even trained their daughter to perform the Nazi salute. When the couple was convicted earlier in November, several things were found in their house. From Nazi flags to the robes of Ku Klux Klan were discovered from the couple's house during the raid. Thomas, the father was in admiration of the leader and thus gave their child a middle name as Adolf. Several photographs were also discovered of the couple, which saw them dressed in the robes. Italian Parents Name Their Baby Benito Mussolini, Receives Court Summons.

Looking at Thomas's past he had tried to apply for the British Amry but did not qualify. He worked as a security guard at Amazon. The mother, Patatas worked as a wedding photographer and in the jury, it was said that she once told another member from the extremist group that "all Jews must be put to death." The Judge Melbourne Inman during the court proceedings said, "You were equally as extreme as Thomas both in your views and actions. You acted together in all you thought, said and did, in the naming of your son and the disturbing photographs of your child, surrounded by symbols of Nazism and the Ku Klux Klan."

Along with them, four others were also given a sentence for being a part of the group. The National Action group was banned in the country after it had celebrated the murder of  Labour Party member. They were called as racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic.