Indian moms and their obsession with empty tin boxes are next level! Only desis could relate to it than anyone else on the planet. From using the boxes to keep sewing kit, bindis, earrings, coins and what not—you name it, our mothers and grandmothers have used it well as storage boxes. Indian chef Vikas Khanna shared something relatable on Twitter. The cookbook writer hilariously captioned the video noting how he always used to think the cookie box was for ‘Biji’s sewing kit,’ and not cookies. Desi Twitterati could relate no less. Responding to the tweet, netizens shared photos of tin cookie boxes and others and how the tradition of keeping sewing kit, bindis, coins and more are passed on.

Cookie tins—now you know exactly how it got there in the cupboard and what it is used for. But remember the first time you saw it? With glee, your little fingers prised open the lid before you were met with a pang of bitter disappointment. They never had cookies in them, but sewing needles, thread, safety pins, medicines and what not. Chef Vikas shared the video of the Royal Dansk biscuit tin, which is easily recognisable across the country, responsible for so many memories just like the celebrity chef’s! Indian Jugaad at Its Best! Netizens Praise Teacher For 'DIY' Tripod With Hanger and Chair to Support Her Phone and Conduct Online Classroom. 

“Ohhhh. Wait a min. This box is for cookies??? I always thought that this was to keep Biji’s sewing kit,” Vikas Khanna captioned the tweet. The video shows the cookie box filled with cookies—a sight quite unusual to us desis!

People were quick to respond. Netizens find the video extremely relatable! Some even shared photos of tin boxes filled with either sewing essentials or coins, or bindis, everything else but cookies. It’s so Indian! Social Distancing Jugaad Bike Goes Viral! Similar Indian Creations of Bicycle and E-rickshaw Maintaining Safe Distance That Caught All Praises Amid Lockdown. 

Watch the Video:

Relatable Much?


A Tradition!

True That!


Is it relatable much? What does your mother keep in the tin boxes? Like it or not, this is a tradition, and you will see in every household. No one is spared from our desi mom and their ever-known obsession with tin boxes—something which appears they have passed on us too! Do you agree?

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