An Australian sculpture, Dr Farvadin Daliri has built a 13-foot-high electronic kookaburra. It even makes the same movements and noses as the famous Australian bird. The creator has uploaded a video of his creation that he is planning to take on tour, when the lockdown is eased.Watch Video:

A heartwarming video of a boy crying after his mother got his first McDonald's meal following lockdown in Singapore has gone viral on social media platforms. McDonald's opened in Singapore on May 10. Read the entire story here.Watch The Video Below:

Desi Twitterati fear extension of lockdown in India. To combat the stress, people began to trend #Lockdown5 memes on Twitter.Check Tweets:

As the fire continues to spread across the forest, people have taken to social media platforms about the fire. People are requesting prayers for Uttarakhand on Twitter. Netizens are sharing incidents of the devastating fire with hashtags such as #PrayForUttarakhand and #SaveTheHimalyas. Read the full story here.Check Tweets:

Swarm of locusts or tiddi dal in many states has bought nightmares to the farmers. To spread laughter in this challenging situation, netizens trend locust attack funny memes and jokes on Twitter. The memes are a display of how netizens are trying to find humour to resurrect in this challenging time and stay positive. Read the full story here.Check Tweets:

Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service shared a video of a herd of elephants taking a morning walk and it is now going viral. Watch Video:

A very funny picture of a cat looking angrily into the kitchen sink has been shared online. The caption, "I ALWAYS DO EVERYTHING IN THIS DAMN HOUSE" is also very apt. The funny pic is going viral on Twitter. Check the pic here:

An old TikTok has been shared online, it shows an exercise pulley moving on its own, with no one sitting on it. It could be an edited video but people are believing it to be a ghost.Watch it Here:

Today marks the death anniversary of India's first PM Jawaharlal Nehru. On this day, netizens are paying tributes to him, remembering his work.Check tweets:

Visuals of burning forests from Uttarakhand have been shared on social media with people appealing to #SaveTheHimalayas. Netizens are praying and appealing to help and bring attention to the severe forest fires. Read more hereCheck tweets:

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Good morning to the hump day! Yes, you have made it ‘over the hump’ towards the weekend. Although, the feeling may not be the same, yet work from home is not easy too. And while the pandemic is on, we need a day or two to relax and try to bring back our sane, which we might have just lost amidst everything that is going on. Anyway, to start the beautiful Wednesday, netizens are sharing beautiful quotes and messages. If you still lack any motivation to get off the bed and start your day, check the Wednesday Thoughts quotes and Good Morning messages on social media. As the day has started, we are expecting more trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day that netizens will share today, on May 27, 2020.

The situation is serious, and while this is on, social media recently was engaged in online feud between YouTube vs TikTok, who is the better creator. While the battle was on, YouTuber Bhuvan Bam dropped a video of his latest episode from Titu Talks. The clip came in the right time and reminded netizens what the real issue is. BB Ki Vines started trending on Twitter with people online showering praises to the YouTuber for effectively using his influence. While BB Ki Vines continued to trend on social media throughout the day and late evening yesterday, May 26, we are expecting more reactions in the coming hours.

In addition, there sure will be numerous videos and memes, giving netizens their daily dose of laughter and joy, much needed during this time. To know what the internet users are captivated with, stay tuned with us, as we will bring you updates from the social media world.