With the coronavirus lockdown only extending month after month, a lot of people have switched to online learning. Online classes are the new normal for many schools and college students. Online education is not something the teachers who have been used to traditional teaching are used to. But as many of them deal with using the new technology, they also have to deal with another problem of abusive students. Fluent in technology, students have an upper hand in operating the online tools compared to teachers who are still learning to make the switch. Now a fictional post is going viral on social media which details the sad reality of many teachers facing abuses and trolling from their students. Netizens are enraged reading the incident and calling out to those students who think it is "cool" to abuse their teachers and professors. Indian Jugaad at Its Best! Netizens Praise Teacher For 'DIY' Tripod With Hanger and Chair to Support Her Phone and Conduct Online Classroom (Watch Video).

A Facebook user made a post to narrate an incident of a 55-year-old principal who was abused by his students during an online class. He details how the teacher learnt the basics of Zoom from his daughter and even bought a new whiteboard to make it easier to teach. Next day, he enthusiastically starts the class but all the enthusiasm vanishes off when the students start abusing and trolling him. While he tries to distract himself, he cannot as the humiliation continues. He has no choice but to end the class. It gives him trouble sleeping but he has to prepare for it the next day again. This post gives an important message of solidarity to all the teachers who are dealing with such students on Zoom. The Era of Online Classes: A Struggle For Kindergarten Kids, Parents And Teachers.

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The above post went viral on Twitter too and netizens were enraged. They begin to call out to such mannerless students who thought it was cool to abuse teachers. Some people whose parents are teachers also responded to how hard it can get for them to use new technology immediately.

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Not Cool!

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So Disrespectful

Curses For Such Students

Understand Their Efforts


Teachers Give a Gift of Knowledge

It's Tough For Everyone!

A lot of people expressed their disappointment at how many teachers would be facing this in their real life. Others called it a reflection of one's mentality and upbringing at home. Although this particular event may be fictional, it is something that explains the reality of some teacher(s) today who are still learning to adapt to new technology. It is really shameful that students are resorting to cheap tactics and behaviour of abuse.

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