What Is It Like to Live with Coronavirus? Ohio Couple Shares a Word of Caution About the Prevention of COVID-19
Coronavirus (Photo Credits: PTI)

Just a few months ago, we didn't know that the most frequent search word in our Google browser history will be coronavirus updates. Today as we write this the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide is 386,962 whereas deaths from coronavirus are 16,751. The number of people who have recovered from the infectious, pneumonia-like disease is 102,401. However, while WHO and all the major authorities keep asking us to follow the coronavirus prevention methods, we are all curious to know what is it like to live with coronavirus.

A couple from Ohio, Betsy and Bob Bunda told wtol.com about what they are going through after being tested positive for coronavirus. The couple from Wood County contracted the virus after they travelled to Europe. Betsy explained to the media portal, "It's not the flu, my head hurts, my hair hurts. I cannot even express it enough to people: Take this seriously." Ever since they returned to the US, they have been isolated at home. They have been only "leaving to be tested at the drive-thru testing centre in Lucas County." Prevention: How to Keep Your Home Free of Coronavirus Germs? All You Need to Know About Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Disinfect Surfaces.

Betsy further explains: "We came home on the 14th and have not left our home or had contact with anyone since then. This is actually the first day that we would both be able to do this interview without waking up and going right back to bed,". As per their health, the couple says that they are "healthy and active". However, the virus has left them feeling "absolutely exhausted, achy and coughing non-stop."

They also said that even though, the virus has been attacking their bodies, "they are incredibly grateful for the support they have received so far."  "Doctors are telling us, the beds, everything is at capacity. They're seeing so many people we were told to stay home unless it's life-threatening," said Betsy. The couple shares a word of advice to everyone else out there to not take coronavirus lightly. They hope that everyone realises how serious the virus is and follows the prevention measures.

Take a Look At The Video Of The Elderly Couple Talking About Living With Coronavirus:

When coronavirus has started to take over China, many viral videos were being shared online. One of the heart-breaking videos emerged on social media showing the intensity of the virus. A clip of an old Chinese couple surfaced on social media showing the elderly couple, infected by coronavirus, lying in their hospital beds. The couple, reportedly in their 80s were seen holding hands, hoping to get recovered.