What The Fox! London Family Surprised to See a Fox Sleeping on Their Microwave, View Pic
Fox sleeping on microwave (Photo credits: Facebook)

It is the festive time of celebrations and holidays in most part fo the Western world. As the celebrations of Christmas extend to the New Years' Eve, a lot of people have guests, family and friends coming in. There are parties and feats organised to ring in the festivities. But a family in London was shocked to see a rather unexpected guest in their house, much before the celebrations even began. Kate Fryer's family saw a fox curling up in their kitchen on their microwave, as the family got up and headed for breakfast in the morning. Unbelievable! A Lady in Oregon Used Telepathy to Calm Down a Mountain Lion and Put It to Sleep, Watch Pics and Video!

A fox had sneaked in the house through an open catflap and had smashed some plant pots before he found a cosy spot atop a microwave. The incident took place in the city of Mitcham in London on December 15. It was the daughter who came down from her bedroom into the kitchen for breakfast when she saw an animal on the microwave. She called out to her mother, who then called the RSPCA for the rescue. The mother was unsure of what to do at first and guessed the fox was unwell. She called a team to rescue without panicking. Texas Man Discovers Dozens of Rattlesnakes Nestling Under His Building; Scary Video Goes Viral. 

Kim Fryer is an animal owner and has five cats and a dog in her house. The catflap was left open, from where the fox entered their home. It left a trail with the mud spots and had smashed some plants in their house. Talking about the incident Mrs Fryer said, "My daughter found him at 7 am and called up to me. I came down and spotted this little fox curled up on top of the microwave! She put the light on and one eye opened but he didn’t move. We could tell there was something wrong with him."

Look at The Picture of The Fox Sleeping on a Microwave in London Home

The RSPCA officials came in and rescued the fox. He was later taken to an animal hospital to be checked by the vets if there was something wrong with him. The fox looked very weak in the beginning but the staff did not find anything wrong with him. He was released into a nearby spot from he was found. But it was sure a shocking surprise to the family.