Woman Pees on Potatoes at Pennsylvania Walmart as a Part of a Ridiculous Social Media trend(Watch Video)
Woman pees on potatoes at Pennsylvania Walmart (Photo Credits: Twitter/WPXI)

With youngsters on a spree of tampering foods in the supermarket for no good reason, another girl just joined the list. A video has outraged the people wherein a girl can be seen walking into a Walmart store before she pees on to a pile of potatoes. The curly-haired girl was being hunted by the Police who while strolling in a Walmart store in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, had the audacity to pee on potatoes from the produce section. An employee who the whole scene of her peeing on the vegetable and Walmart crew was quick to remove the contaminated tubers from the sale. They immediately contacted the police who then released multiple images of the woman’s bizarre act. The woman when caught would face felony food tampering charges. "My first reaction is one, kind of horrified. I realise that some people have issues that might lead them to do things that might be considered unusual," an eye witness told WPXI.Viral Video of Man Spitting Into Arizona Sweet Tea at a Grocery Store and Putting It Back Is Disgusting Netizens.

Here's a picture of the girl:

Walmart in a statement to Channel 11 said: “This type of obscenity is outrageous and we immediately disposed of the affected products and sanitised the area to ensure its cleanliness and safety for our customers. We’re working with the West Mifflin Police Department to find the responsible party and have them prosecuted." After Ice Cream Licking Girl, Another Walmart Shopper Spits Mouthwash Back Into the Bottle, Disgusting Video Goes Viral.

The woman reportedly has been found by the police.[Watch Video]

The Police Department said in an updated statement to the channel: “The Detective of the West Mifflin Police Department investigated the incident and were able to identify the actor as Grace Brown and made contact with her." This looks like a part of the viral challenge wherein kids are licking, spitting on food item from shelves of supermarkets. The reason behind these young kids spitting, licking and tampering via peeing on edibles from supermarkets and grocery stores only to leave it back on to the shelf for others to purchase is still unknown.