Gaurav Gill's Car Kills Three During Round 3 of FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship
Gaurav Gill (Photo Credits: IANS)

Jodhpur, September 21: Three people were killed in an accident which took place during the Maxperience Rally, Round 3 of the Champions Yacht Club FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship on Saturday in Jodhpur.

The accident took place 150m from the finishing line of the rally when a motorbike came under the car of ace Indian rallyist Gaurav Gill. The deceased were not wearing helmets and were on the track, even though a warning had been issued before the race.

"Everything happened within less than a minute. It was a literally a blind spot. He (Gaurav) tried to stop the car," said one of the organizers. "We feel very bad for the people who have lost their lives. It is very unfortunate," he added.

The Maxperience Rally has been cancelled because of the accident.