Amazon Echo Gets a New Alexa Update Which Will Bring Down The Unnecessary Chatting By Smart Speakers
The Amazon Echo (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

The highly popular smart speakers from Amazon named Echo are set to undergo the new Alexa update that will not only reduce the unnecessary chatting but also enable it to take instructions more specifically. Amazon has introduced the new "Brief" mode after users had complained about the excessive chatting of the Echo speakers. According to a report in, the brief mode can be activated from the settings menu of the Alexa app on the smartphone.  Doing so will enable Alexa to respond to some commands with a short chime noise rather than verbalizing a confirmation as is the practice now.  The update has also been made to make Alexa speak less.

The update won't be much of a help for those who do not mind Alexa's long voice replies. But the fact is that a large number of people do find the voice and message monotonous and unnecessary. The less-speaking Alexa is definitely going to be a boon for those who love their silence.

The news was first reported by AFTVnews which informed about the adding of the Brief feature  — the same source that uncovered the latest Fire TV devices as well as the Echo Show. It reported that the feature was removed shortly after it was introduced but was installed again.

The test was done with a limited number of users and it remains to be seen if these are the initial steps of a mass plan. The feature has not been added to the existing Echo's. TechCrunch reported that when the feature became active, "Alexa responded to a command by explaining how Brief Mode works"and also gave users the option to switch on the feature. The coming days will reveal more information about this much anticipated update by Amazon. Until then, users will have to listen to the long responses in Alexa voice and bear it too.