Criptozo declares to be one of the easiest and most user-friendly platform, to exchange cryptocurrency. At the moment company offers withdrawals only via bank transfer in EUR and USD, but in the future, they are planning to expand the list of supported currencies. This information is quite refreshing, coming at the fact that Binance declared that they halt USD withdrawals under 100.000. Will private users move to Criptozo with their portfolios of cryptocurrency? It seems that big players starting to bend under pressure from the US government and impose more and more restrictions on crypto-trading. Especially related to small, non-institutional traders.

Currently, the platform supports few coins and tokens, however, the company declares that they are constantly working on adding more crypto-assets to their web app.

The interface of the Criptozo web application is very simple and clear, without any complicated options, and therefore very user-friendly. It took us only 4 minutes to learn all the options. Currently, the company explains that only 3 sections are available — Wallet, Exchange, and Borrow. Their top priority is to provide fast and discreet exchange transactions and wallet services.

Unlike many exchanges (such as Binance, Coinbase, etc.), Criptozo does not limit users' ability to send and receive cryptocurrencies - no permission is required as it is done automatically at user request. Simple KYC is required to increase limits of USD and EUR transactions (exchange and withdrawals)- just basic data, plus ID number is required. We find it much less invasive than the procedures required in the majority of cryptocurrency exchange companies.

Let's wait and see how the project develops. Hopefully, it won’t vanish into the black hole like the majority of exchanges recently.