Facebook & Instagram are the two topmost apps used by millions of people across the world. Some people understand & like to use the English language whereas some prefer to read content in their own respective countries' language. For this, the global social media giant offers a lot of languages apart from just English. These other languages include Hindi, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Chinese, Portuguese & more. Facebook supports a total of eight Indian languages as well. How to Repost a Story on Instagram in 6 Simple Steps.

Changing language settings on Facebook & Instagram is no big deal, you just have to follow simple steps. When a user initially opens an account on Facebook or Instagram, it gives an option to select the language. However, if you clicked on 'English' or any other language & now wish to change it, then follow the below steps.

Here's how to change language settings on Instagram

1. Open Instagram & click on your user profile icon on the bottom right to go to your profile.

2. Tap on the three-lined button on the upper right corner & then select 'Settings'.

3. Under 'Settings', click on 'Account' & select 'Language'.

4. Under 'Language', all different languages across the world will be shown on your screen & choose the language you would use.

Here's how to change language settings on Facebook

1. Open Facebook & click on the three-lined button on the upper right corner & then select 'Settings & Privacy'.

2. Under 'Settings & Privacy', tap on 'Language' & choose the language you wish to use.

To change back, you can follow the same steps to check other languages. Page will be automatically reloaded once you select the language.

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