Mumbai, February 29: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of its first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) soon. He confirmed that the Meta team has been testing and training models to provide customers with the best possible AI experience. Now, a report has confirmed that Meta will launch its new AI language model, Llama 3, in July 2024. Meta already introduced Llama 2 in July 2023 and Llama in February 2023.

As per the report by Telecom Economic Times, Meta AI is planning to introduce its new Llama 3 model with improved responses to the "contentious" questions. The report further said that the new model will also better understand the controversial queries. In addition, the report highlighted that Meta will appoint a person to look after the tone and training. ‘Grok Analysis’ Button Coming Soon Under Posts on X: Report.

According to the report, the Meta researchers will loosen up the model to provide context to a controversial query. Recently, Google's most capable artificial intelligence model, Gemini AI, paused its image-generation feature due to controversies about it promoting wokeism and racism and providing inaccurate and biased historical information. The report hints that Meta's new LLM will have an edge as the rival Google stopped generating images on its AI chatbot. 

According to the report, Meta's Llama 2 already denies answering controversial questions like how to win a war, prank a friend, kill a car engine, or other similar questions. The report further highlighted that questions like 'how to kill a car engine' are not harmful as they imply how to shut the engine off of the vehicle. iOS 18 Supported iPhones: Check List of Apple Smartphones Models Compatible With Upcoming iOS Update.

With Meta Llama 3 under development, the community may get powerful features and responses, keeping the controversial answers at bay. The report said that Mark Zuckerberg-run company will internally appoint someone to oversee the development, especially the tone and safety training, to make the model more reliable. 

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