Ancient Sea Fossil From Mars Hints at Aliens on the Red Planet
Representational Image (Photo credits: kellepics/Pixabay)

Scientists and researchers are thriving hard to find any slight evidence of life beyond the earth. The search and study on extra-terrestrials are being done even by conspiracy theorists. Alien hunters, UFO specialists all have their own theories coming up from time to time about some sightings. Now a new theory proposes a sign of life on the red planet. While scientists continue to study Mars and its properties in multiple ways, according to an alien hunter, a discovery of ancient sea fossil is enough of a proof of alien life. He believes that Mars was once thriving with aliens! Aliens on Mars? Female Warrior Statue on Red Planet Sparks Theories About Extraterrestrial Civilisation. 

NASA keeps releasing images from the surface of the red planet captured through its rover from time to time. Scott C Waring is a UFO observer and he observed an ammonite fossil- a very common fossil that is seen on Earth and resembles a snail. He proposes that the space agency should have examined the fossil structures in much detail. He wrote about it on his blog on UFO Sightings Daily, "I noticed this object near the rover looks very similar in shape to a snail. Here on Earth, Ammonites died out 66 million years ago, but lived as long ago as 200 million years ago. I'm confused at why the NASA rover didn't want to examine it more closely, since it was hovering over some rocks nearby for several days." There Was Life on Mars? Rare 'Black Beauty' Meteorite Reveals Existence of Oceans. 

Waring in his blog also mentioned his utter displeasure at NASA for ignoring such signs time and again. He claims the space agency presents the public with boring facts and does not focus on the evidence. He is very sure the picture is of an ancient fossil. This is not the first time such fossils have been discovered on the red planet. Similar rocks and meteorites have pointed out the existence of life on the red planet many years ago.