Dead Humpback Whale Found in Amazon Jungle! Scientists Are Figuring How it Got There
Dead whale carcass in Amazon jungle (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Dead humpback whales washing ashore the beaches is not something novel but it is a definite mystery when a 36-feet whale was found in the middle of Amazon jungle. About 15 feet away from its natural habitat in the ocean, scientists too are shocked at how the dead mammal ended up in the jungle. What is even more mysterious is the massive creature also did not have any wounds. The massive mammal was discovered when vultures were seen flying above the jungle areas. A video then started circulating online which showed the dead humpback mammal in the middle of the Amazon. Dead Sperm Whale With 6kg Plastic Waste Inside Stomach Including Cups, Flip-Flops & Bottles Found in Indonesia’s Wakatobi National Park (See Pics).

The deep-sea marine animal was near the island of Marajo off the Araruna Beach, at the mouth of the Amazon River. Soon a group of 10 biologists from Brazil's Bicho D'agua Institute headed there to study more and trace how did it come in the jungle in the first place. The only explanation that is given right now is that a high tide must have thrown the whale into the woods. 145 Whales Found Dead on Steward Island in New Zealand; What is Whale Stranding? (Watch Video).

Watch Video of Dead Humpback Whale Found in Amazon Jungle

It is said to be a 12-month calf and there is still more investigation to find how it reached almost 15 meters away. They have collected the samples from the carcass to deduce the unusual spotting. Whales are found around the Amazon basin during the summer. The group of biologists even struggled to reach the spot where the mammal had washed away. They were only able to reach inside in the second attempt. Renata Emin, a marine specialist and president of the NGO said, "We're still not sure how it landed here, but we're guessing that the creature was floating close to the shore and the tide, which has been pretty considerable over the past few days, picked it up and threw it inland, into the mangrove." Other experts are saying that this whale probably was disoriented from the river branches will lead into Amazon jungle. It still remains a big mystery of how it reached miles away from its habitat.