Moon lovers, there is something exciting in the month of June. It is time to look towards the sky for your favourite muse, the moon. The full moon of June called the Strawberry Moon will grace the skies on June 6 this year. And if the name's giving you ideas about a pink-red colour moon then no. The day is also going to be exciting because it will be a penumbral lunar eclipse on the same night. Ahead of Strawberry moon, we tell you all details about the date, peak timings and other names to this monthly occurrence. Lunar Eclipse 2020 Date and Time: Know Everything About Penumbral Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse and How to Watch This Chandra Grahan.

Date and Time of Strawberry Moon

The full moon of June or Strawberry Moon will be observed in India on June 6. You can observe the moon on the night of June 5 and the peak time for full moon is 3:12 P.M. Eastern Time ie 00:42 AM IST. So a little after midnight, people in India can see the peak of Strawberry Moon. Super Flower Moon 2020 Photos: Netizens Share Stunning Pics of The Last Supermoon of This Year.

Meaning and Formation of Strawberry Moon

If you have been following the calendar and lunar phases regularly, then you'd know by now that names of the moon are kept according to seasonal changes by the ancient tribes. The name for this moon comes after Algonquin tribes, who would consider June's full moon as the right time to harvest ripened berries. It is the last full moon of the Spring season.

Some say this name comes from the colour of the full Moon at this time of year. The orbit of the Moon is almost in the same plane as the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Around summer solstice when the sun is at the highest point in the sky, the moon shines through the atmosphere. As per NASA, it gives the full Moon a reddish or rose colour, like the sun during sunset.

The other names for Strawberry Moon are Honey Moon, Hot Moon, and Full Rose Moon. It is also called as the Mead Moon and the reference to honey comes because, during this time, even honey was harvested. It is thus thought to be the "sweetest moon" as per NASA. If you are a lover of the moon and love observing the full moon, then don't miss out on this time as it also happens to be an eclipse.


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