It is time to view PV Sindhu's skills in 3D or see Simone Biles do a triple-double in 3D view ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. Yes, the Summer Olympics is just around the corner and ahead of the multi-nation event, search engine giants, Google has launched a new feature for fans to enjoy the action of their favourite athletes. Earlier this year, Google announced the I/O feature which now allows the support of AR (Augmented Reality) athletes which includes the likes of Indian badminton star PV Sindhu and American Gymnast Simone Biles. So fans searching for how to watch PV Sindhu’s skills in 3D with Google AR can scroll down below. Google ‘View in 3D’ AR Feature Adds 50 New Animals, Here’s How You Can See Hippo, Cat, Giraffe, Cow & Zebra in Your Space.

The AR feature launched by Google supports only a limited number of athletes as at the time of launch it only included American gymnast Simone Biles, USA football player Megan Rapinoe and tennis player Naomi Osaka. However, now, Google has added support for Indian badminton player PV Sindhu, who will represent India at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to the list.

Google AR

The AR athlete feature lets you view the skills of PV Sindhu, Simone Biles and other sports stars in real-time with your own backgrounds, in scale. The Indian badminton player's abilities include her jump smash, rally while the Gymnast can be viewed performing some of her routines.

How To Watch PV Sindhu and Simone Biles' Skills In 3D With Google AR?

  • Open Google App Or Google Chrome
  • Search For PV Sindhu. Simone Biles Or Other Athletes Supported By The Google AR Feature
  • If 3D Result Is Available On Your Device, Tap View In 3D Which Will Be Present Below Athlete’s Wikipedia Page
  • To Interact With 3D Result In AR, Tap View In Your Space

View Simone Biles in 3D

Simone Biles (Photo Credits: Google)

View PV Sindhu in 3D

PV Sindhu (Photo Credits: Google)

Originally the AR feature brought 3D animals to your living room at an approximate scale, it now expanded on that ability. While the 3D animals lacked support for the movement, the athletes added to the feature can do actions related to their sport on any flat surface of the right size that a user points the phone at. This could be places like the gym or your local football field.

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