WhatsApp ‘Black Dot’ & ‘T-touch-here’ Message Bug Crashed Your Smartphone? Here is What You Can Do
WhatsApp/Photo Credits: Pixabay

With an increasing access to technology, the pranksters tends to find new ways to create troublesome ways for crashing messaging apps or even smartphones. One such nefarious intentions are new buggy messages found on the WhatsApp Android app. Moreover, there are many buggy messages that can easily crash WhatsApp messaging app on the Android. These messages can also crash users' smartphone in some cases. These buggy messages currently shared on WhatsApp have special characters that can changes text behavior which further causes the application to freeze due to these invisible symbols.

One such message forward on WhatsApp reads - “If you touch the black point then your whatsapp will hang”, followed by the second line with a ‘black dot’ and the words “t-touch-here”. Once the user touches the black dot, the WhatsApp application crashes, reports FE. See More: WhatsApp is Crashing? Beware of the Spam Message 'Don't Touch Here'

Another message spotted on Reddit which is similar to the first messages reads - “This is very Interesting! <laughing emoji>…Read More.” Once the user clicks on 'Read More', the WhatsApp application crashes on both Android as well as iOS.

As these buggy messages just crash the WhatsApp, there nothing malicious about the prank. However, it is better avoiding such message forwards. It is advisable to not click on such buggy messages when received from unknown people. Other various messaging apps too have become victim to such buggy messages including Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Previously, it was reported that sending string of Telugu characters could easily crash iMessage wherein the company immediately fixed the bug in the next iOS update. Read Also: WhatsApp to Soon Have Advertisements as CEO Jan Koum Quits

Here’s what you can do if your WhatsApp or Smartphone gets crashed:

1.    First, it is advised to avoid such spam messages from unknown person. It is better to delete such messages beforehand.

2.    If your WhatsApp Android Applications or smartphone gets crashed, it is advised to reboot your device immediately.

3.    After re-booting your smartphone, make sure you delete that buggy message received on WhatApp ensuring that you don’t forward such messages for pranking others or accidentally clicking on it.