WhatsApp Group Video Calling, Voice Calling Features Rolling Out on Android & iOS Platforms: All You Need to Know About the New Features
WhatsApp Group Video Calling & Group Voice Calling Features Now Rolling Out on Android & iOS Platforms (Photo Credits: WhatsApp Blog)

WhatsApp, a Facebook owned instant messaging platform has officially announced the roll out of the new group video calling and group voice calling feature. This new feature was announced by the company at Facebook's F8 developer conference, which was held earlier this year. Moreover, the company also rolled out the feature to beta test users on both Android as well as iOS platforms. Finally putting all the speculations and rumours to an end, WhatsApp on Monday made it official on its blog that they have announced the roll out of group calling feature with voice and video options for all the users.

According to the company, the WhatsApp users spend over 2 billion minutes on calls each day and now they can make calls in a group as well as enjoy them. From this Monday on-wards, the WhatsApp users on Android as well as iOS will be able to make a group call up to 4 people only. For this, the users need to update their application via Google Play store and Apple Store respectively. Here’s a way how you can check the new voice and video calling feature on WhatsApp works.

In order to start video or voice conversation on the platform, the users need to call a user for one-on-one voice or video and then tap on new add participant button on the right side corner of the screen for adding for people in the call itself. However, the caller can add only up to 4 people total in a group. WhatsApp has assured to the users that these group calls are end to end encrypted and this new feature is designed to function nicely across the globe.

As a reminder, the company introduced voice calling feature in the platform in the year 2014 and followed by video calling in 2016. Moreover, the company has officially claimed that it caters more than 1.5 million monthly active users on the platform. WhatsApp Fake News: After Free Cycles, New Message Says Narendra Modi Government Will Distribute Free Helmets And Scooters on August 15, 2018.

As far as the iOS users are concerned, WhatsApp has introduced this feature just ahead of iOS 12 release which is also expected to sport video calling feature with FaceTime. Though WhatsApp calling feature is limited to 4 people only, FaceTime group video calling is likely to support at least 32 users.