Mumbai, June 19: Meta-owned WhatsApp has reportedly rolled out a new feature to let users set the HD quality as default on the platform. WhatsApp users are already familiar with the 'HD Photos' feature, which was rolled out last year. It allows users to send images with their original resolution without compromising the quality; however, they must choose the HD option whenever they send the photo. The new WhatsApp feature would allow them to set the HD resolution as default. 

According to a report by Business Standard,  WhatsApp users had to manually select the HD quality option every single time they shared a photo or video on the platform. Now, this new feature will let them set the quality as HD by default. Once set, the photos and videos will be automatically selected to HD quality when sent to other users. X New Features: Elon Musk-Owned Social Media Platform Working on X Payment Feature, Live Activity Support for iOS and More; Check Details. 

The report mentioned that while sending videos on WhatsApp, users needed to select the resolution from 480p or 720p. In terms of photos, the users had to select HD before sending the file. Although the platform introduced the option to send "high definition" multimedia to other users, the report highlighted that such an option had not been available for profile pictures and status updates.

The report mentioned that while using WhatsApp on iPhone, the HD quality allowed the users to send images with 3024x4032 pixel resolution. On the other hand, the standard resolution limited it to 960x1280, which also decreased the quality. It is also essential for users to pay attention to how much data usage they are offered based on their subscription and network provider. The HD-quality photos and videos on WhatsApp consume more data and take up more space on the device. The users can share up to 64MB of videos on WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger Announces New Large File Sharing Feature To Allow Users To Send Files up to 100MB Directly From Phones; Know How To Access It.

How To Access the New HD Quality Feature on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has started rolling out this new feature on in its new app update. The users can download the latest version of the app and then go to the app's WhatsApp settings. The process is straightforward and easy to follow. Then, they need to select the 'Storage and Data' option. At last, the users need to choose 'HD quality' and begin uploading their media. The new WhatsApp update has been rolled out for Android and iOS, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

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