Italy Ready for All Brexit Scenarios, Including ‘No Deal’
Giuseppe Conte. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Rome, June 20: Amid ongoing uncertainty over Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, Italy has prepared for a 'No Deal' Brexit as well as for the orderly departure it would prefer, Premier Giuseppe Conte said on Wednesday. "The Brexit decree on citizens' rights, financial services and air travel has been converted into law," he told lawmakers ahead of a summit of European leaders on Friday and Saturday.

Last week, the government's Brexit taskforce had met at the Prime Minister's office in Rome, Conte said. "We remain committed to an orderly Brexit. "But it is important that citizens and companies use the extra months by which Britain's withdrawal from the EU has been extended to prepare for any scenario - including No Deal," he said. Brexit Talks Deadlocked Before Vote on Theresa May's Deal.

To prevent a precipitous Brexit on April 12, Britain and the EU agreed in April to extend the original March 29 deadline to October 31 to allow time for MPs to approve a Brexit deal.