Mexico Murders: State Department Issues Travel Advisory, Asks to Exercise Increased Caution After 8 Bodies Found in Cancún within a Week
Image Used for Representational Purpose Only | Mexico |(Photo Credits: Unsplash/ Jezael Melgoza)

A travel advisory has been issued by the US government for Mexico. The advisory came in effect after eight bodies, two dismembered, were found in Cancún this week.

The advisory issued tells travelers to Mexico to exercise increased caution as mentioned by Time magazine in its report. The advisory issued by State Department goes on to say that crimes such as homicide, carjacking, kidnapping and robbery is widespread in the area.

Reports claim that the travel advisory was issued in wake of the eight murders reported in Cancún, but a State Department spokesperson was quoted saying by the magazine that the advisory was only updated as an exercise in security alert.

The update in the security alert was issued by the US Consulate in Ciudad Juárez. Quintana Roo,  the location of Cancún. The advisory falls in Level 2 of travel advisory that warns people travelling to an area to exercise increased caution.

The Associated Press reported that the eight bodies found were recovered in the Cancún area on Tuesday. The report goes on to say that bodies of two victims were found from an abandoned taxi.

Two bodies, mentioned the report, were found in plastic bag and the bodies were dismembered said Police. A fifth body was found shot dead on Tuesday and another body was found lifeless in a hammock. The seventh person found dead was shot dead and his body was also found in a big blastic bag, added the report.