South African Train Collision: More Than 300 Injured, 32 of Them are Serious
South Africa: Train Collision in Johannesburg Suburb,100 Injured. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Johannesburg, October 5: Authorities in South Africa are investigating a collision between two trains that left more than 300 people injured, 32 of them seriously. The crash occurred late Thursday on the outskirts of Johannesburg when one train hit another that was stationary. Rail officials were working on Friday to clear the area.

Commuter rail crashes have been worryingly common in South Africa's commercial hub in recent months. Two trains collided in a Johannesburg suburb last month with about 100 people injured, none seriously. And in January more than 200 people were injured on the city's outskirts when one commuter train rear-ended another that had failed as a result of a technical problem. South Africa: Train Collide in Johannesburg Suburb,100 Injured.