Trump-Kim Summit: Dennis Rodman Breaks Down, Blames Ex-President Barack Obama For Not Engaging With North Korea (Watch Video)
Rodman credited President Trump for striking the historic reconciliation with Pyongyang | (Photo Credits: CNN/Screengrab)

Singapore, June 12: Dennis Rodman, former NBA star and only American celebrity to have developed direct relations with North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, broke down following the meeting between US President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler.

Rodman said he tried "putting his heart out" back at home over the past several years seeking dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang. "But Barack Obama was not at all ready to engage," the basketball legend said, further crediting Trump for de-escalating the tensions.

Here is the video of Rodman crying live while speaking to CNN:

Trump and Jong-un held a 48-minute "one-to-one meeting" as the historic summit began in Singapore. Following the meet, the US President said he is firm on developing "terrific relations" with Pyongyang. "We will resolve all disputes. We will solve a big problem and a big dilemma," he added.

The North Korean dictator reciprocated the gesture saying, "There was a past that grabbed our ankles and wrong prejudices and practices that at times covered our eyes and ears. We overcame all that and we are here now."

"Many people in the world will think of this as a form of fantasy... from a science fiction movie," he added.

While the summit is currently underway, President Trump said he "would be signing" historic agreement with the North by the end of all delegation-level talks. Ahead of the summit, the prime agenda laid down by Washington was the "complete, irreversible denuclearisation of North Korea", in lieu of relieving Pyongyang from the slew of sanctions which has cut it off from international trade.