Washington, November 15: Violence erupted on Saturday in Washington DC during the 'Million MAGA March' held in support of US President Donald Trump, as counterprotesters clashed with Trump supporters, shouting threats, throwing punches and launching projectiles.

Thousands of people had turned up in the US capital on Saturday to show support to Trump and protest against the results of the presidential elections. Also Read | Smog Shrouds Parts of Delhi Leading to Decreased Visibility: Live Breaking News Headlines Updates on November 15, 2020.

Fox News reported that Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) groups had counter-clashed with conservative group Proud Boys, said Daily Caller contributor Matthew Miller. Also Read | Fox 46 Reporter Narrowly Escapes as Portion of Bridge Falls During Live TV Coverage of Floods in North Carolina (Watch Video).

When darkness fell, counterprotesters triggered more mayhem as they harassed Trump advocates, stealing red hats and flags and lighting them ablaze. Scuffles continued well into the night as the provocateurs overturned the tables of vendors who had been selling pro-Trump gear and set off dozens of fireworks, reported Washington Post.

Violence broke out five blocks east of the White House between the President's supporters and his detractors. The brawl went on for several minutes before the police arrived and cleared the intersection. On both sides, people were injured, and at least 10 were arrested, including four on gun charges.

In the melee, a DC Fire official said, a man in his 20s was stabbed in the back and rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Meanwhile, as the left-wing protesters chased out Trump's supporters and besieged a hotel, the police used pepper spray to forcefully scatter the crowd.

The conflict began when a small group holding bright orange "Refuse Fascism" posters arrived at the edge of Freedom Plaza and were almost immediately surrounded by Trump fans shouting "USA! USA!" into their faces, according to Washington Post.

Earlier, Trump's supporters gathered in Freedom Plaza near the White House starting early Saturday morning, with a large crowd amassed by noon, when an event organised by Women for America First was set to kick-off, The Hill reported.

Since Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared as President-elect, Trump has refused to concede defeat and has promised to legally challenge the results of the elections.

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