Akshay Kumar Birthday Special: These Killer Stunts Of Khiladi Kumar Will Stun You Into Silence!
Akshay Kumar Celebrates His 51st Birthday Today (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

There's nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, that Akshay Kumar cannot do. celebrating his 51 st birthday today, Akki, as he is fondly addressed as, has been entertaining the cinegoers for close to three decades now with his unmatched daredevilry. While his acting chops, his choice of films and his comic timings have improved majorly in the past 15 years or so, action has remained his mainstay during the initial phase of his career.

Jumping from the top of a moving bus to another moving bus and from standing tall on the aircraft hung mid-air, Akki has only raised the bar with his killer action stunts. The videos listed below will make you fall in love with Kumar all over again as you are stunned into silence with what he does and how he does it! Do take a look!

In his popular movie titled Khiladi 420, Akshay Kumar is seen on a top of a jet which is hanging mid-air. This scene will give you goosebumps but in the end, you will salute Kumar's ability to take risks and his courage of conviction!

And then in this one Kumar gets a mixed bag of incredible daredevilry where he mounts on a moving plane, gets into the captain's chamber or cockpit. And then also unleashes many other moves which only he can, in his unmistakable trademark style!

Contact sports and hand to hand combats might have become commonplace now in our movies with many action stars resorting to doing them to impress the audience, Akshay showed us how to get those moves right ages ago. In his film Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, Akshay is seen doing what was then considered unimaginable for a Bollywood hero to pull off. Take a look at this fight and you will get what are we talking about!

Akshay challenges none other than the WWF stalwart Undertaker in the same film. Naturally, he had to raise the bar for this epic fight. From taking a flight of staircase to jumping from a storey and then bouncing back on his feet to deliver a surprising stunner, Akshay mixes many things to ensure that this scene is etched in his fans minds forever!

From doing a backflip to cartwheel to showcasing his lethal acting chops, this video compiles Kumar's range as an action hero. His courage and conviction is awe inspiring. These visuals will surely give you goosebumps! This video proves that Akshay is not called the ultimate Khiladi for nothing!