Anand Ahuja's Nickname For Sonam Kapoor is Cute but Weird at the Same Time!
Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Sonam Kapoor just revealed a nickname that Anand Ahuja gave her once and it's basically left us clueless. During a chatty session with Anaita Shroff Adajania on her show Feet Up With The Stars (currently streaming on Voot).Sonam revealed that once while she was working out in the gym, Anand walked up to her and told her that she was looking like an "anjeer". Strange, isn't it? Of course, Anand is the sweetest and Sonam and him are #couplegoals now and forever but we have honestly never heard of something like that before! Sonam Kapoor Calls Kangana Ranaut a 'Troublemaker' But Her Fans Shouldn't Feel Offended - Here's Why.

The actress went on to reveal the backstory behind it when she said that after her wedding, she gained a little weight, and while she was working out in the gym to shed those extra kilos, Anand came up to her and said, "You're looking like and anjeer... you're looking so cute!" Obviously that left Sonam confused and immediately told him, "Listen you don't have to promote this size, I am an actress and I need to look hot," she giggled! Aww! Sweet, isn't it? Did You Know Sonam Kapoor Had DUMPED an Ex-Boyfriend for Fat-Shaming Her?


Sonam also made some interesting revelations on the show when she explained how she met Anand. Interestingly, Anand and Sonam met at a party where he was trying to hook her up with one of his friends. But the two of them ended up having a long conversation and they eventually grew fond of each other.