Sara Ali Khan’s Role Model Is Sridevi, Says She Took Cues from Her Dance Numbers While Shooting for Simmba – Watch Video
Sara Ali Khan (L), Sridevi (R) (File Photo)

Sara Ali Khan is gearing up for the release of her debut film Kedarnath. She has already impressed the movie buffs with the glimpse of her performance in the trailer of the film. Two weeks after Kedarnath, her second film Simmba will also hit theatres. The actress was talking to Anupama Chopra for Film Companion when she was asked about who her role model was from the film industry. Sara, afraid to sound predictable said, "Sridevi".  She added, "I have grown up watching a lot of her films. I can't say all because there are lots. Mom was her 300th film? Wow." Sara Ali Khan Has a Secret Fake Instagram Account That Is More Fun than Her Official One.

Sara continued, "I am a die-hard Sridevi fan. But I think it would be blasphemous to even say I aspire to be like her. Because it is impossible. I will say it. It is impossible to touch her. It is impossible to touch the vicinity in which she belonged... and belongs. But she definitely is somebody one looks at for inspiration." Sara Ali Khan on Paparazzi Frenzy around Brother Taimur: I Don’t Think There Is Anything Anybody Can Really Do about It.

Sara also made a revelation that she took cues from Sridevi's dance numbers for songs in Simmba. "I remember when I was shooting for one my songs for Simmba. It was a romantic song. I was stalking Sridevi. I was watching Meethe Meethe Geet Mitwa again and again on my playlist. Then we had to this high-energy number, I was looking at Hawa Hawai," she said.

"I felt if you could do one per cent of this also na, one is home. She, I can't say is somebody I aspire to be because that's impossible, she definitely is someone one can draw inspiration from continously," the actress concluded.

Legendary actress Sridevi passed away earlier this year on February 24 due to accidental drowning in Dubai. May her soul rest in peace.