Sunny Deol’s Amusing Take On #MeToo Movement Is a Disservice to the Victims

Sunny Deol has been around in the industry for the past 35 years. He is the son of Bollywood superstar Dharmendra, who has also entertained the industry for decades. You'd think Sunny would be more sympathetic towards the #MeToo movement, for he such a senior actor. But again privileged has always been blind towards the privilege. In his recent interview with Hindustan Times, Sunny has expressed thoughts about the movement that we can only hope no one else subscribes to. “Let the world be, let’s not hunt for things,” said the actor, while addressing the lack of a #MeToo movement in India.

While talking to the daily, the actor further added, “Why do we need to get into why they haven’t come across, or somebody has come across? Or this is what the world is doing. That’s the problem, everything has to be brought out!” Mohalla Assi: After Bhaiaji Superhit, Another Much-Delayed Sunny Deol Film Finds A Release Date.

Just when you thought you have heard enough, Sunny went on to explain his point in a manner what could be called juvenile. He said, “Pehle bhi bolte the ‘arre yahaan baarish ho gayi, yahan garmi ho gayi’. Now we publish everything, ‘Arre, it’s 40 degrees today, it’s so hot’. That’s what we have become. I don’t follow all these things, I don’t bother about them, because the world has been existing for millions and billions of years. People have been existing, things have been happening. It’s just the way we bring it up or across nowadays.”

When hundreds of women across the globe are coming forward with their stories of being sexually harassed, Sunny's statement to "let the world be" is a disservice to the victims. While it is not even acceptable to stay silent anymore, to petition for silence is even more problematic.