South Korean heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun, celebrated for his timeless handsomeness and captivating presence, recently caused a stir among his fanbase by sharing a series of photos on Instagram that were swiftly deleted, leaving a trail of intrigue and unanswered questions. Interestingly, netizens were quick to draw comparisons between Kim Soo Hyun's poses and those of Kim Ji Won, who had recently graced a Dior event in Taiwan and shared pics on Insta. Their photos have now sparked dating rumours. BLACKPINK’S Lisa at the Centre of Plagiarism Accusations by Chinese Designer Yue Yang for Star-Shaped Top Featured in ‘Rockstar’ Music Video (View Picture).

Netizens sparked widespread speculation about a potential romantic connection between the two, prompting fans to dub their social media exchanges as a 'lovestagram' - a term typically used when couples post to express their affection for one another publicly.  Further, when Kim Ji Won also deleted the photos from Insta, fans were sure something's cooking? Despite the ongoing buzz, both Kim Soo Hyun's and Kim Ji Won's agencies have chosen to remain silent on the matter. North Korea Executes 22-Year-Old Man for Listening to K-Pop Songs and Watching South Korean Films: Report.

Kim Soo Hyun's and Kim Ji Won's Now-Deleted Posts

Isn't It Obvious? 

Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun gained immense praise and loyal followings for their roles in the K-drama Queen of Tears. The romantic-comedy series depicts two individuals with contrasting life views who unexpectedly discover love. However, their relationship takes an emotional turn when Hae In, one of the characters, is diagnosed with a chronic illness, dramatically altering their narrative.

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