Lokesh Kanagaraj's Vikram is turning out to be a big hit in cinemas. Marking the return of the legendary actor Kamal Haasan on the big screen after a gap of four years, Vikram has earned praise from critics and fans who loved the potboiler treatment, the performances of the lead actors, Anirudh Ravichander's score and some fun surprises. You will be living under a rock or something if you are clueless by now that Vikram is a followup to LK's own Kaithi, and it has a cameo from Suriya in a rare out and out negative role after 24Vikram Movie Review: Kamal Haasan, Fahadh Faasil and Vijay Sethupathi’s Film Sparks With Thrills and Frills Despite a Lagging Screenplay

By the time Vikram, also starring Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil, ends, it has sown seeds for some very interesting sequels and followups. We are not sure when any of the sequel might happen, or if they will. Lokesh Kanagaraj will be moving next to direct Thalapathy 67, where he will be reuniting with Thalapathy Vijay after Master. Since Master isn't part of Kaithi-verse or Lokesh Cinematic Universe - whatever you wanna call it - fans are curious to know if the upcoming untitled film would be a part of this universe. Since there are no other details, these are mere speculations.

However going by how Vikram ends, we do wish LK and his team would roll out the below followups whenever they can. If you haven't see Vikram, let's warn you that the below feature has SPOILERS so tread ahead carefully.

Vikram 2

Kamal Haasan in Vikram (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Of course, this goes by saying that Kamal Haasan-starrer needs to have a sequel of its own. By the end of the film, Vikram has turned a 'ghost' again but he is far from done with his war against drug empires. While the last scene pegged him to face off Suriya's Rolex, I would rather keep Rolex in the shadows for a bit longer, and Vikram break down more of Rolex's empire before they have this ultimate faceoff in another movie (more on that later). I also hope Vikram's masked team, including Narain's Bejoy and newly inducted Fahadh's Amar, also return for this venture. Also, it would need to answer if Vikram still has any more secret comrades from his old team still working for him. Like some sort of Kollywood Expendables! There, what an idea it would be!

Kaithi 2

Karthi in Kaithi (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Karthi's Dilli might have got the happy life with his daughter by the end of Kaithi. However, Vikram's finale showed that his previous fores, Adaikalam and the mysteriously resurrected Anbu have been keeping a track of Dilli's whereabouts. Though we only get to hear Dilli and not see Karthi in his popular role here, it is established that he and his daughter are somewhere in UP. Would Kaithi 2 see him face off Anbu and Adaikalam again, or some new foe, perhaps someone locals? We are curious for the answers.

Rolex Prequel

Suriya as Rolex in Twitter (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Even if he was only there for a few minutes at the fag end of the movie, Suriya's cameo became the most talked about aspect of Vikram. What's more, it wasn't a positive role (which pleasantly surprised this writer), but an out and out negative role. Suriya plays Rolex, the main boss of the whole drug saga, to whom Vijay Sethupathi's Sandhanam used to report to and be terrified of, as well as Kaithi's Adaikalam and Anbu. We see how bad he is when he chops the head of his own man. But what made him into this terrifying Rolex? Aren't you curious to know the answer? In a time where Hollywood is making movies on villains like Joker and Suicide Squad, Kollywood should make one on the beginning of Rolex. If nothing else, it is super fun to see Suriya play with the greys of his character, going by what he did in 24 and in the finale of VikramVikram Ending Explained: Decoding How Suriya’s Cameo in Kamal Haasan, Fahadh Faasil and Vijay Sethupathi’s Film Expands Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Kaithi-Verse.

Agent Tina Prequel

Agent Tina Card From Vikram (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Come on, this is needed! Who expected a secondary character to steal the show in the second half of the film? But that's Agent Tina for you! Played by Vasanthi, Agent Tina rocked the show when she dropped her disguise of the domestic help and took down Sandhanam's men who arrived to kill Vikram's daughter-in-law and grandson single-handedly at that. Unfortunately, she got killed in the process. But I am all for a prequel based on her life that would go back to the '80s and show how Vikram's old team came to form by. What say? How about Aparna Balamurali playing the younger version of the character? Vikram: Fans Spot ‘Agent Tina’ in These Old Songs of Kamal Haasan, Ajith, Thalapathy Vijay After Vasanthi’s Character Earns Audience Appreciation.

Kaithi-verse Mashup

Fan Art for Vikram 3 (Photo Credit: Twitter)

If fingers crossed about Thalapathy 67 being part of Kaithi-verse, imagine a film that has Kamal Haasan, Thalapathy Vijay, Karthi, Fahadh Faasil, Narain take on Suriya's Rolex and his mighty gang! That's a sure shot blockbuster that is going to break some major box office records! Make it happen, LK!


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