Game of Thrones Season 8: From Who Will Sit on Iron Throne and Who Will Die, 10 Predictions We Have About the Final Season
Game of Thrones 8: From Who Will Sit on Iron Throne and Who Will Die, 10 Predictions We Have About the Final Season

We are all set as April 14 (or 15) is here and it is a special moment for entertainment buffs. The final season, the eighth one at that, of Games of Thrones will start airing in just a few hours, and we can hardly contain our excitement. Also mixed with a tinge of sadness, as we will be bidding farewell to some of our favourite characters. The final season of the HBO show is going to be the most expensive piece of film-making when it comes to small screen medium. It will also be the shortest season in the show with only six episodes, though some of them have the longest runtime. Games of Thrones 8: These Twitter Reactions on The GoT Final Season Trailer Will Leave You in Splits - Read Tweets.

With this finale season, Game of Thrones fans get to have some of their searing questions answered that have stuck with them for so long. Like who is going to die? Who is going to survive? Will the Men be outmatched by the ever-growing White Walkers? And the most important of them all, who will sit on the Iron Throne.

We also have our own predictions on these questions, based on some of the popular fan theories, agreeable to us, that have been circulating on internet boards. You are free to disagree with them and post your own predictions in the comments section below. 7 Saddest Deaths in the Game of Thrones Series That Almost Made You Choke Back Tears!

#1 Cersei Lannister Will Be Killed By Arya Stark But With a Twist

Cersei Lannister ranks top on Arya's kill-list, and we place heavy bets that Arya will fulfil her vengeance. But there is a prophecy that Cersei will be killed by her younger sibling, which could either be Tyrion (one more reason that makes her hate him) or Jaime Lannister, who may be her twin (also lover) but is born after her. So it is most likely that Arya might use their faces as a mask to complete her task.

#2 The Night King Will Be Defeated...At a Huge Cost

Of course, The Night King will be defeated, there is no doubt about that. But it will come off a heavy cost with some of our heroes definitely going to bite the dust. The war between the Fire and Ice is also going to bring the end of the dragons, leaving Khaleesi orphaned again. However, the way the whole show is set up, the Night King is the least of the worries for Westeros.

#3 The Bigger Threat is Euron GreyJoy and His Golden Company

There is a reason why the malicious power-hungry sea-pirate Euron Greyjoy is introduced in the show, even if in the sixth season. He is bringing the Golden Company in the final season, and that is not going to end well for the heroes, who aren't killed by the White Walkers. Ultimately, Euron will be defeated, and most likely be killed by his nephew, Theon, or niece, Yara.

#4 Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen Will Die

The show might be projecting them as the potential candidates for the Throne, but we doubt if they will survive the finale. As per some hot theories, Daenerys will be the first one to go, while Jon Snow might go down fighting in the final battle.

#5 But Their Child Will Get The Throne

As per the prophecies, both Jon and Daenerys are seen as the ones claiming the throne, which cannot happen. But what about the union of their love - their child? Jon may realise at some point of the eighth season, presumably in the first episode itself, that he is a Targaryen and that Dany is his aunt. But I don't think that will stop them from having a child together.

#6 All Those Survived

Instead of predicting who all will be killed, why not see who all can survive? Our bets are on Arya and Sansa Stark, Gendry (the guy needs a good break after rowing so much), Ser Davos Seaworth, Tyrion Lannister (I will hate the show if he dies), Samwell Tarly, Bronn (he is invincible), Gilly (Sam deserves a happy ending), Missandei and Yara Greyjoy. Rest all, Adios Amigos!

#7 Sansa Stark Will Marry a Baratheon and Rule Winterfell

As an innocent, vain teenager, Sansa Stark always wanted to marry a Baratheon. Unfortunately, the one she chose - Joffery - was a monster in disguise. Thankfully, that little prick is dead and Sansa has grown from that deluded girl to a strong woman, emboldened by her bitter experiences. However, the show might throw in a bone of happiness for her in the end by getting her involved with the sole Baratheon left - Robert's bastard son, the likeable Gendry. Also, she will get to rule Winterfell, because she totally deserves it.

#8 Tyrion Lannister Will Remain The Hand

Tyrion may have done a really poor job being a Hand for Dany, but in season 2, he was quite excellent in the same role when he served King's Landing. We are rooting for him to survive and expect him to serve whoever is sitting on the throne finally.

#9 Bran Stark Will become The New Night King

Bran may be the three-eyed Raven for now. But his all-knowing behaviour, bordering on creepiness, should pay out when he is turned The Night King and the circle repeats again.

#10 Samwell Cements Game of Thrones in History

Well, someone has to chronicle the enchanting story of Game of Thrones, right? So why not let Sam be the George RR Martin of Westeros by writing a book on it, and preserving it in the Library.