Ishqbaaz 21st September 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivay, Disguised as Majnu Singh, Makes Anika Smile
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Shivay entering the Oberoi mansion as Majnu Awara. He says that he has been sent by Shivay to get the Ganpati home.

Tej is furious saying Shivay is controlling everything even though away. Jahnvi and Anika ask Majnu where Shivay is. Majnu says he is here just on Shivay's instructions and knows nothing more.

Shivay proves himself to be Majnu, Shivay's friend by calling out to each person. Dadi asks Om and Rudra to establish the Ganpati. Shivay as Majnu gives a helping hand too.(Also Read: Shivay Escapes Police Custody And Enters Oberoi Mansion in Disguise)

Later Majnu gives Anika a towel saying Shivay would never wish her to cry. Then Shivay sees Mohit speeding out of the house as Om and Rudra ask him where he is off to.

Mohit says that he cannot stay on in the house of his wife's killer. Shivay as Majnu jumps in saying Shivay asked him to take care of Mohit and so he will not let him go.

Mohit has no choice and returns to his room. Rudra hopes that everything becomes fine and Ddai and Anika start eating food. Shivay hears this and decides to cook.

Anika finds him in the kitchen and observes how clean the kitchen is. She says that even Shivay cooks like that. She says that when he cooks, he keeps the kitchen clean.

She starts crying as she says that she trusts Shivay and she is sad that the real killer is out loose when Shivay is suffering. Shivay cannot watch her cry, and in a bid to make her smile he covers his face in flour. She starts laughing at his antics, and he asks her to keep smiling.