Star Plus show Udti Ka Naam: Rajjo will soon gear up for an interesting drama. The show had reached its peak where Rajjo is about to know the truth about her father. Now there is yet another drama where Arjun and Rajjo are in a fix and have some unsaid feelings for each other.  Udti Ka Naam Rajjo: Arjun Gives a Befitting Reply to Pushkar for Trying To Throw Rajjo Out of His House!

Currently, the drama revolves around Arjun getting married and how his mother is making sure that the rituals are perfect. She is also making sure that there is no interference from Rajjo’s end. Now, Arjun and Rajjo decide to stay quiet and never tell anyone about this incident or fake marriage. They tell everyone that Rajjo's fiance ran away and she is returning to her village. Udti Ka Naam Rajjo Promo Alert: Rajjo Confronts Her Mother To Know the Truth About Her Father in Star Plus’ Popular Drama.

Now, there will be a huge twist in the storyline when at Arjun-Urvashi's wedding mandap, Rajjo comes and announces that she is married to him! It will be interesting to see how the drama unfolds from now on. Keep reading LatestLY for more information on your favourite television shows.

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