Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke July 17, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mishti Tells Abir That Meenakshi Lied to her About the Party
Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke poster (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In yesterday’s episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke we saw Meenakshi invites the Maheswaris for a get together with an ulterior motive. Later, Abir makes a tough decision while Kunal joins hands with Meenakshi. Today’s episode starts with all the guest coming for the get together at the Rajvansh. Meenakshi is waiting for the Maheshwari’s. Just then Mrs. Parekh comes, Meenakshi asks her how come she is here, Mr.Parekh says are they waiting for the Maheswari’s as they won’t come as she saw them in the club. Meenakshi chides at Mr. Parekh and tells her to leave her house and tell her that she does not need to worry about her son’s as she is there for them.

Meanwhile, Abir (Shaheer Sheikh) asks Meenakshi why have the Maheshwari’s not come till now. Meenakshi tells that she had told Mishti that she will wait till all the family members come home but she insisted that she will inform them all. Ketki says that Mishti (Rhea Sharma) has purposely done this as she wants to insult them.

Abir tells all not to thinks negative about Mishti and tells that they should call her and clear the matter. Meenakshi calls Mishti and tells why have they not come for the party, Mishti gets confused and tells her that she had called them tomorrow for the party. Meenakshi tells her that she had called today and they have insulted her by not coming to the party. Varsha takes the phone and apologize and tells that they will reach there within ten minutes. But Meenakshi tells that now it is no use as all the guests have gone and she and the Rajvansh family name is already humiliated and disconnects the phone.

Later, Abir and dadaji calls all the guest again and informs Meenakshi that he will go and bring the Maheshwari’s here and rock the party. On the other side, Varsha and all tell Mishti to apologize to Meenakshi. Kuhu tells that Mishti should not come for the party as they won’t like it. Just then Abir comes and invites them all for the party, Mishti says she will also come with them.

In the Rajvansh household, Kunal asks Meenakshi now what they have to do, Meenakshi tells him to behave nicely in the party as no one should doubt them. Suddenly the light goes off and music starts, all dance (tere aakhu khe kajal track plays in the background). The Maheshwari’s also come and join the dance.

Later, the priest comes and fix a date for Kunal and Kuhu’s wedding date. Kunal goes to search for Abir. Vishambar tells Meenakshi that ten days is very less to prepare but they will try there best. Meanwhile, Abir asks Mishti that she really was confused or she did it purposely. Mishti says that Meenakshi had told her that the party is there the next day but tells Abir that she is not blaming his mother but maybe she heard it wrong. Mishti says if she has said then maybe she is lying but why will she do these, just then Kunal comes.In the precap, Kuhu tells Mishti to ask apology to Meenakshi. Mishti asks Meenakshi to forgive her.