Medical Apathy In Tamil Nadu: Baby Beheaded Inside Mother’s Womb During Botched Delivery in Chennai, Investigation On
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Chennai, March 20: In a shocking incident of medical apathy in Chennai, a case of barbaric behaviour has come to light where a baby’s head was separated from its torso during the delivery procedure at a primary health centre. The incident has taken place in Chennai’s Koovathur, where the nurse delivered the baby instead of a doctor and torso of the baby was removed after it was stuck inside the womb.

Soon after the delivery, the mother – Bommidala – went into serious condition as her health worsened as the botched delivery took place and later she was taken to the Chengalpet hospital. This has highlighted the sad state of affairs in the region when it comes to healthcare facilities in the region. Decapitation: Grave Medical Negligence at Rajasthan’s Ramgarh Hospital, Baby Split Into Two Halves While Being Pulled Out of the Womb During Delivery.

Though the kin of victim alleged held the primary health centre responsible for the botched delivery, the hospital authorities claim the health centre showed it as an intrauterine death. The authorities added that the baby had to be removed to save the life of the woman and the action was taken accordingly.

With the report spreading like wildfire, the medical directorate has sought more reports from the health centre. Meanwhile, police have filed a case of medical negligence, and the investigation is on. Earlier also, similar incidents have taken place in Rajasthan, Bihar and Odisha.