Lohri Song 'Sunder Mundriye Ho' Lyrics And Video: Sing This Traditional Festival Song Around The Bonfire And Ask For Your Festive Goodies
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Lohri 2019 is being celebrated on January 13. As we get ready to lit the Lohri bonfire and sumptuous food, you must also know that in North India, the young ones ask their elders to give them a token. The tradition is popularly known as Lohri maangna and Lohri dena (asking for Lohri and giving Lohri). In Punjab, a popular Lohri song (anthem) is sung by young ones to ask for Lohri from their elders. The song is basically the story of the legend of Dulla Bhatti - the legend of Lohri, popularly known as the Robinhood of Punjab. Lohri 2019: Festivities Grip Amritsar, Land of the Golden Temple Gears Up for Celebrations.

Dulla Bhatti was born as Rai Abdullah Khan Bhatti and grew up with Salim, the son of Emperor Akbar. Dulla, a rebel against Akbar on finding out that he executed his father and grandfather, is known to have been a saviour for the poor. It is said that Dulla helped a man whose innocent daughter was being taken away by Mughal officials. He arranged her marriage with a young Hindu boy and himself solemnised the marriage in the absence of a priest. This happened in the harvest month and the day is celebrated as Lohri. Lohri 2019 Style Tips: Dress Up Like a Punjabi ‘Kudi’ This Festive Season.

Here are the lyrics of the Lohri song that is sung in North India

Sunder mundriye ho!

Tera kaun vichara ho!

Dullah bhatti walla ho!

Dulleh di dhee vyayee ho!

Ser shakkar payee ho!

Kudi da laal pathaka ho!

Kudi da saalu paatta ho!

Salu kaun samete!

Chache choori kutti! zimidari lutti!

Zamindaar sudhaye!

bade bhole aaye!

Ek bhola reh gaya!

Sipahee far ke lai gaya!

Sipahee ne Mari eet!

Sanoo de de lohri te teri jeeve jodi!

Bhaanvey ro te bhaanvey pit!

Watch: Lohri Song Sunder Mundriye Ho

Lohri, the harvest festival, is celebrated with great fervour in northern parts of India, especially Punjab, a day ahead of Makar Sankaranti. The festival marks the end of sowing season and the beginning of the farming season. Both Hindu and Sikh communities mark the festival with various celebrations. Lohri Recipes 2019: From Mouth-Watering Makke Di Roti & Sarson Ka Saag to Murmure Ke Ladoo Try These 5 Dishes to Celebrate the Harvest Festival.

People light bonfire called Puja Parikrama and go around the bonfire singing songs seeking blessings. According to customs, the bonfire is kept alive all night using dry cow dung cakes. Gur, rewri, peanuts with popcorns, gajjak, sarson da saag and makki di roti are common preparations on this day.  Lohri 2019 Date: Significance, Rituals And Traditions Attached to the Punjabi Harvest Festival.

Get your wood in time to light the Lohri fire and have a great festival. LatestLY wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Lohri 2019!