Earth Day is an internationally observed day that is celebrated every year on April 22,  to raise awareness about environmental issues and bring attention to concerns about the well-being of the planet. Every year the day is celebrated with different themes to focus on issues that are a priority concern. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is 'Invest In Our Planet'. Earth Day 2022 Date & Theme: Know History, Significance and Celebrations Related to the Day Dedicated to Environmental Protection

The occasion is celebrated by planning drives, awareness campaigns and calls for people to act on the planet's concerns and be more diligent. Since the inception of the official Earth Day, there have been many themes, here is a list of the Earth Day Themes for the past 5 years.

Earth Day Themes For Past 5 Years

1. Restore Our Earth - Earth Day 2021 Theme 

The theme for Earth Day in 2021 was 'Restore Our Earth'. The theme focuses on the idea of finding new green technologies and natural systems to restore natural ecosystems and help cope with climate change without mitigating or adapting to the consequences. It encourages people to lean toward sustainability and conservation.

2. Climate Action - Earth Day 2020 Theme

'Climate Action' was the theme for Earth Day in 2020, it was also the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. The theme urges people and countries to take climate change and its adverse effects seriously and also encourages people to start finding remedies and restoration methods. Climate change is still a big agenda for Earth Day.

3. Protect Our Species - Earth Day 2019 Theme 

Earth Day theme for 2019 was 'Protect Our Species' to bring awareness to wildlife endangerment and all the different species that were on the verge of being extinct. The theme was to also bring attention to finding solutions of how to protect wildlife and the natural ecosystem. Earth Day 2022 Fun Google Game Lets You Guide a Honey Bee To Pollinate Flowers and Learn Interesting Facts About the Planet; Here’s How To Play!

4.  End Plastic Pollution -Earth Day 2018 Theme

The problem of plastic pollution despite its severity and issues was never considered a mainstream issue and that is why the theme for Earth Day in 2018 was 'End Plastic Pollution. The day promoted minimizing the usage of plastic and recycling plastic waste and banning disposable items made of plastic and emphasising using eco-friendly products.

5.  Environmental And Climate Literacy - Earth Day 2017 Theme

Climate Change has been one of the pertaining issues that are responsible for the deteriorating condition of the planets. The 2017 theme for Earth Day focused on educating people about the consequences of climate change and the adversity faced by different masses and classes, especially the rural population. The agenda was to raise awareness amongst the rural and the poorest and most vulnerable populations and teach them sustainable methods and ways to adapt to the issue.

Every year Earth Day is celebrated to bring awareness to the issues affecting the planet and these themes help in assessing the priority concerns the agenda is not just to make people aware but to also find solutions, especially with such rapidly changing conditions.

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