World Tourism Day is an annual observance that is focused on promoting tourism in various parts of the world. Initiated by the United Nations World Trade Organisation (UNWTO), World Tourism Day 2022 will be celebrated on September 27. World Tourism Day celebrations are surrounded by the tourism boards of various countries launching attractive options to promote tourism to their cities, states or countries. The tourism industry was particularly struck with great challenges in the pandemic, however, in the past year, it has seen a startling rise. This makes the celebration of World Tourism Day much more enjoyable as the industry has finally bounced back bigger and better than before. As we prepare to celebrate World Tourism Day 2022, here is everything you need to know about this observance, how to celebrate this day, World Tourism Day 2022 theme and host country, and more. National Tourism Day 2022: From the Maldives to Los Angeles, Places That Should Be in Your Bucket List.

When is World Tourism Day 2022?

World Tourism Day 2022 will be celebrated on September 27. This annual observance was first initiated in 1980 by the United Nations World Trade Organisation (UNWTO). The date was chosen as September 27 since on that date in 1970, the statutes of the UNWTO were adopted. The adoption of these statutes is considered a milestone in global tourism. National Tourism Day 2022 in India: Know Date, History, Significance and Celebrations Related to the Day Promoting Tourism in Country.

Significance of World Tourism Day

The adoption of three statutes of the UNWTO played a crucial role in shaping global tourism and is an important feat that needs to be celebrated. While the initial celebration focused on promoting tourism as a whole and revolved around a central theme, it was in 1997 that the UNWTO decided that each year’s celebration of World Tourism Day will have different host countries.

World Tourism Day 2022 Theme and Host Country

The host country of World Tourism Day 2022 is Indonesia, a country that is known for its phenomenal hospitality and where tourism is considered a key source of income. Every year, the celebration of World Tourism Day revolves around a central theme in order to ensure that communication across the globe remains consistent. The World Tourism Day 2022 theme is Rethinking Tourism.

This theme stands to be extremely apt as the way and reasons for travel have changed drastically for many. While travel was often seen as a luxury that was indulged in for a limited time period, the option of remote work and various attractive tourist packages for longer stays have made workstations the way of life for a huge sect of society. More people are preferring the idea of working remotely while exploring new countries and exciting places and rethinking tourism is sure to help us direct better policies to cater for this crowd. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy World Tourism Day 2022!

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