World Zoonoses Day, observed on July 6, commemorates the pioneering work of Dr. Louis Pasteur, who successfully administered the first vaccine against rabies—a zoonotic disease transmitted from animals to humans. This day raises awareness about zoonoses, infectious diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans. Zoonotic diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi, and they can spread through direct contact with animals, consumption of contaminated food or water, or insect vectors. On World Zoonoses Day 2024, we bring you powerful quotes, slogans and sayings that highlight the importance of raising awareness on zoonotic diseases.

The significance of World Zoonoses Day lies in highlighting the importance of preventive measures, surveillance, and collaboration between human and animal health sectors to control and prevent outbreaks. Many zoonotic diseases, such as rabies, Ebola, Zika virus, and COVID-19, have had significant impacts on global health, underscoring the interconnectedness between animal health, human health, and the environment. As you observe World Zoonoses Day 2024, we have compiled a collection of World Zoonoses Day 2024 quotes and slogans that you can download and share to raise awareness about the day.

On World Zoonoses Day, organizations, governments, and health professionals worldwide engage in activities to educate communities about zoonotic diseases, their transmission routes, and preventive measures. This includes promoting vaccination of animals, implementing food safety standards, improving hygiene practices, and raising awareness about responsible pet ownership. By addressing zoonoses through a One Health approach—which integrates human, animal, and environmental health—communities can mitigate risks, enhance disease surveillance, and strengthen preparedness to respond to emerging infectious threats. These World Zoonoses Day 2024 quotes, powerful slogans and sayings highlights the significance of raising awareness about the disease.

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“One Health — a United Approach for a Healthy Future.” World Health Organization

“Together, We Can Build a World Where People and Animals Live Healthy Lives.” World Organisation for Animal Health

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“Our Actions Today Impact Our Health Tomorrow. Let’s Break the Cycle of Zoonotic Diseases.”

“One Health Approach — the Key to Unlocking a Disease-Free Future.”

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“Stop the Spread, Break the Chain — Together, Let’s Defeat Zoonotic Diseases.”

World Zoonoses Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing global efforts needed to prevent and control zoonotic diseases, safeguard public health, and promote sustainable practices that respect the delicate balance between humans, animals, and the environment. It emphasizes the shared responsibility of individuals, communities, and governments in fostering a healthier and safer world for all living beings.

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