Thanksgiving 2019 Special: How to Carve Turkey Like a Pro? Step by Step Guide to Chop Meat the Right Way
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Whether it is your first time making Thanksgiving dinner or you have cooked the holiday meals just for yourself, preparing it the right way is always a tad task along with other side dishes and sweet treats. While there are plenty of ways to make a delicious Turkey recipe, carving it appropriately is quite challenging. But it is essential doing right, after the hours you spent to cook the perfect turkey. Do not panic! For Thanksgiving 2019 special, here we have provided step by step guide to carving the turkey like a pro. Yes, these ways will help you to turkey the meat in stress and mess-free manner that does not waster most of the precious meat on your carefully prepared bird. Best Thanksgiving 2019 Turkey Alternatives: From Roasted Cornish Hens to Spicy Cooked Lambs, These 5 Recipes Are Finger-Licking Good Options!

1. Let Your Roasted Turkey Rest

Do not poke the meat, immediately after you take it out from the oven. Let your roasted turkey rest at the room temperature for about 15 to 20 minutes before you take your knife to carve it. It is highly advised that your chef’s knife should be sharp and honed, if you want appropriate skin in every piece.

2. Remove Legs and Thighs

Place your turkey to on a carving board and remove the string tying the legs together. Now cut through the skin that connects the breast and drumstick. Slice down carefully until you reach the joint. Use a paper towel to grab the leg and push down, to separate the leg and thigh from the bird. Thanksgiving 2019 Dinner Menu Ideas: Easy and Yummy Recipes to Wow Your Guests. 

3. Remove the Drumsticks

To separate the drumstick and the thigh, cut through the joint that connects them. Now transfer the drumstick to a platter and set aside the thigh meat on a chopping board to slice later.

4. Cut Down the Centre of the Breast

Place your knife and carefully cut through the ball joint that connects the breast and wing to the carcass. While you slice it, use the other hand to pull the meat away from the breastbone, until you have cut the breast off the body in one piece. Now slice the breast meat into half-inch pieces.

5. Remove the Wings

It is easy to keep this step for the last. Use the chef’s knife and slice it through the joint to remove a wing. As and when you successfully pull out the meat, transfer it into a platter and chop it down.

6. Plate the Turkey

You can go as you want, but it is always preferable to put the turkey back on the plate, placing in its actual shape, just without the bones. Experts suggest that this pattern makes it easy for the guests to identify and choose the meat they want. From Roast Turkey to Pumpkin Pie, How to Prepare All the Traditional Favourites on Turkey Day. 

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These are the quick and easy steps that you can follow to carve your Thanksgiving turkey. This traditional recipe is always the centre of your dinner table, and you will not want to make it appear messy, while you chop the meat. Hence, it is always advisable to invest a little more time to get the perfect bon appetit. Happy Thanksgiving!