CheckCheck is a professional legit check app for sneakerheads. This application provides the ability for sneakerheads to instantly identify if their sneakers are authentic or fake within 30 minutes. “We want to be able to know, anytime and anywhere, whether a pair of kicks is the real deal or not.”

The inspiration behind the company

The owner has been a sneaker enthusiast and his passion turned into a business.

“Having to go through an enormous amount of bad experiences in a world of reselling has inspired us to create a unique product that would save the community from being burned just like we had been in the past”, the owner stated.

The goal of CheckCheck is to help out the sneaker community from being burned by replicas. By making the services available at all times, the company gives the utmost assurance when purchasing sneakers, regardless of time or place.

A brief about the working of the application

CheckCheck has developed a standardized process that requires every single sneaker to be verified by an AI system. “The traditional way of authenticating sneakers — based on the community’s opinion — has become outdated,” explains co-founder Arnold Luk. “We have worked to develop a Standardized Operational Procedure that will let the sneaker world rest assured that their expensive kicks are 100% real.” The technology pinpoints possible discrepancies by using photos that are uploaded by the user. Afterwards, the results are cross-checked and confirmed by two human authenticators and shared with the consumer via the app. The platform also provides users with tools and tips on how to identify legitimate versus fake sneakers on their own, helping provide the sneaker community with the resources necessary to avoid replicas and knockoffs.

Here is what the owners plan further for the application

The owners expect to hit 1 million in quarter 2 of this year. They also look forward to different technology implementation such as market price comparison, and various other things.