Priapism caused due to rhinoplasty? Sounds impossible right? Well, it turned out to be Croatian man's reality after he woke up with an erection--that remained persistent for three months-- after a nose job. Yes, Mr Neven Ciganovic, a blogger, stylist and television personality had undergone a nose job and woke up with an erection the next day that didn't go down for three months, as per Metro. Erection for Continuous Two-Days Causes Indian Man to Have His Penis Amputated After He Develops Gangrene.

The man had to undergo three surgeries for his penis to get back normal. It is not known what exactly triggered Mr Neven Ciganovic's persistent erection aka priapism because this type of persistent, painful erection can be caused because of various reasons. However, it is said sexual stimulation has nothing to do with it. Mr Ciganovic had undergone a rhinoplasty surgery in Iran to correct his septum and it was after that he suffered from the persistent erection. While doctors claim that it may be an "unexpected side effect could have been caused by a food supplement he takes to boost his time at the gym."

"Thank God I don’t have any problems with my priapism anymore. Even now after this complication, I’m happy because my erection still lasts much longer than other guys. When I woke up from anaesthesia after my nose job with priapism, I went through a really hard time — literally hard,"  he said to Metro. According to media reports, Mr Ciganovic always wanted to look like male Bratz dolls. He also revealed that he will continue to have surgeries.

What is Priapism?

Penile erections are a healthy sign of arousal during sex and also help increase the blood flow in the pelvic area.  During the process of erection of the penis, the arteries in the person pelvis and penis area relax and expand. This, in turn, causes more blood flow to the penile area. However, sometimes it causes the valves in the veins close and trap the blood in the area. Priapism is a condition when an erection lasts too long. The cause usually behind the condition 95 percent of the time is, when blood doesn't leave the penis because of certain kind of blockage of blood vessels. Priapism is a medical term for a persistent and painful erection of the penis that lasts for more than 2 hours. Commonly the condition is caused because of major trauma or injury to your penis, pelvis or perineum.

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Last year in June, a 35-year-old British man was left with a strong erection for nine consecutive days. This happened following a minor accident and reports said that he damaged his penis after he fell off his moped and hurting his perineum. Another case from India that made its way to the BMJ Case Reports was of a 52-year-old who had to have the tip of his penis amputated after he went to a hospital in the north of India with a 2-day long and painful erection.

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