A hangover is basically an unpleasant experience of various physiological and psychological effects usually after the consumption of alcohol and can last for several hours or even more than 24 hours. As people engage in late-night parties, it is very difficult to just have a drink or two, which further leads to this unpleasant experience. If you are one of those, then you have come just to the right place. We at LatestLY, have brought together 5 such hacks that can help your cure your last night’s hangover easily. Hangover Cure & Tips: From Having Heavy Breakfast to Staying Hydrated, Here Are 5 Ways to Get Rid of Hangover.

Hydrate Yourself

The most important thing to do the next day after you have a lot of alcohol is to drink a lot of water. The major reason for your hangover can be dehydration caused by alcohol. Therefore, to cure that headache, all you need is just water.

Have Some Natural sugar

It’s good to have some fresh juice to get rid of the dizziness and the headache. The National Headache Foundation recommends tomato juice to help process the alcohol faster.

Eat Some Bananas

Bananas are a great source of potassium and potassium is great in aiding a hangover. If not banana then you can also have avocado to fulfil the potassium requirement.

Get Up and Workout

That sounds really difficult, but this is really going to help. Get up and move a bit, light exercise can be a very good way to get you out of that nasty hangover.

Pair Your Drink With Nutrient-Rich Foods

Having food with alcohol will help you metabolize the alcohol. The digestion of food before or along with alcohol consumption helps increase anti-diuretic hormone level (ADH), sugar fructose and blood flow to the liver, which help the body burn down the alcohol quickly.

In case of a serious hangover, it is a must to stay hydrated and sleep as much as you want to. Let your body process and burn the alcohol that has burnt you last night.

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