Cat Grandpa Goes Viral! Internet Is in Love With Safe Haven’s Elderly Volunteer Napping With Felines; View Adorable Pics
Cat Grandpa Goes Viral (Photo Credits: Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc./ Facebook)

The internet is in love with Cat Grandpa! Earlier this week, a pet shelter—Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States shared some adorable photos of one of their volunteers. A 75-year-old man who visits the local animal shelter on a daily basis enjoys ‘brushing cats.’ While on the job, he often falls asleep and takes a quick nap with the felines. The shelter posted a selection of pictures of Terry Lauerman sleeping with his furry friends, and it has since gone viral. It’s been shared over 20,000 times (and still counting) on Facebook. Bruno 'The High Maintenance' Cat Who Stands Like Humans is Going Viral Because of Her Adoption Post. 

Safe Haven on its website says that it is a “no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary,” that cares specifically for “cases of abuse, negect, FIV+, blindness, missing limbs, and other physical and psychological disabilities.” Seeing the cats who are often victims of abuse or illness, so relaxed and comfortable, naturally warmed the hearts of our netizens. In fact, as the post went viral, reportedly, the organisation website has been flooded with new visitors and inspired donations. These Funny Cat Videos Will Steal Your Mid-Week Blues. 

Adorable pictures of cat grandpa taking nap with feline friends! 

Lauerman’s nap with the cats happens pretty much every day. The photos are proof which shows the senior man napping on various couches at the animal shelter with the furry felines nestled in firmly. The people at Safe Haven also arranged for a live stream with Terry, so that he can speak to his fans.

“All the kittens are thankful for all of your donations,” says Terry.

The founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, Elizabeth Feldhausen told the BuzzFeed News that Terry started coming to the shelter about six months ago. However, since the past few months, he has started coming every day. Feldhausen was quoted saying, “Yesterday, when I told him he hit 400,000 views he said he hoped all those people would donate. I kept telling him,‘Terry, you’re famous,’ and he would just do his modest laugh and go back to petting cats.”