While WhatsApp and Facebook have always been a great medium to connect to friends and spread information, using the social media platform to spread hate and fake news isn't uncommon as well. WhatsApp has recently become a hub of fake messages doing rounds that have sometimes even taken lives and caused lynching in India. The most recent viral WhatsApp forward doing rounds on social media urges people to not eat anything from fast-food chain giants such as Subway, Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald's, etc. for a day that is July 20 2019. The message also cites that this request has been made by PM Modi and he has said that by doing this the "price of the dollar will decrease." Well, as it clearly looks like, this news is fake! WhatsApp Usage to be Time-Restricted by Modi Government? Charge of Rs 499 Per Month to be Levied? Here's a Fact Check. 

Read the complete message: "Please guys cooperate n don't eat anything from subway, dominos🎲, pizza hut🍕, KFC🍗,McDonald's🍔 just for a day only one day (20/07/2019) because Narendra Modi had told that if we have our indian products for a one day the price of dollar will decrease in great speed. so kindly forward this msg as far as possible. The date is (20/7/2019). There should be at least 90% people who will follow this n have Indian products. Share as much as possible."

Here are some of the Facebook post carrying the fake message:

Another one

Fake message tweet

There are many reasons to not belive this fake message. First of all, there is no formal announcement from PM Narendra Modi or any other authoritative person on this issue and secondly, it is impossible to lower the value of the dollar by not buying from these major food chains. Unfortunately, this is not the first time such fake messages have surfaced, with changed dates such messages keep going viral from time to time. Please do not entertain or believe any such manipulated messages made with an intention to misguide common people. In fact, please ask others to not forward such texts either.

Fact check

Fact Check: Not Buying From Dominos, KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s Will Make Indian Rupee Stronger Than Dollar? Fake WhatsApp Forward Goes Viral
Claim :

PM Modi urges people to stop eating from Dominos, KFC, etc. so that the value of the dollar decreases.

Conclusion :

It is fake. PM Narendra Modi has made no such announcements, neither is it possible to decrease the value of dollar this way!

Full of Trash

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