Kerala: Man Dragged Under Bus Along With Scooter, Video Shows His Miraculous Escape
Kerala Accident. (Photo Credits: ANI)

Kerala, September 17: A two-wheeler driver was seen getting dragged by a bus for some  distance before the bus stopped, shows the CCTV footage. In a video that can be called nothing short of miraculous, the two-wheeler is seen getting dragged along with the rider. However, the motorist emerged safe and relatively unhurt and the incident is now part of the viral video folklore. The incident took place in Kerala's Kozhikode. Andhra Pradesh: Man Lies Down Under Moving Train, Escapes Unhurt; Watch Video.

The man was riding a scooter and the abrupt video shows the man getting dragged under the bus with his vehicle. The blue bus stops when the people around raise an alarm and rush to the man's rescue. Mumbai Local Train Runs Over Woman Who Slept On Railway Tracks To Save Her Life; Watch Video Of The Miraculous Survival.

Watch the Video in ANI Tweet Below

The spot where the accident took place is close to the national highway. Several two-wheelers were also damaged in the accident, said reports. The incident was captured on a CCTV camera and shared by news agency ANI. The driver was booked for rash driving. Several motorists expressed shock at the fact that the bus driver could be so careless despite the new Motor Vehicles Act, 2019 came into effect with heavy challans for traffic violations.